Other HygeineProducts Machines

Pet Sheet Machines

Thick or thin, rectangular or square, ZUIKO converting machines for pet sheets use innovative methods to fold and compact the sheets before packaging. Consistant distribution of super absorbent polymers across the area of the absorbent core is expected and advance capabilities that add value to the product like super wide core formation and core embossing are also possible.

Nursing Pad Machines

Nursing pads are used to help prevent leaking breastmilk from seeping into the clothes of nursing mothers. Placing double-sided tape behind the pad, or elastics along the edge of the pad to help hold its curved shape are small details that are seldom mentioned. One-step-wrap and top sheet embossing add to the convenience and comfort of the product.

Hygiene Mask Machines

ZUIKO supports and develops technologies for the high speed production of disposable masks. ZUIKO technologies include ear loops that use ZUIKO's glue-free elastics bonding for comfort and breathability. Contact ZUIKO regarding product design, options, and capabilities.


Production Speed (pieces/minute) Dimensions(LXWXH) Weight (Tons)
600+ pieces 15m x 8m x 3m Approximately 30 tons
Production Speed(pieces/minute)
600+ pieces
15m x 8m x 3m
Weight (Tons)
Approximately 30 tons

Basic Specifications

  • ・Full Servo Drive System
  • ・Auto Splice System
  • ・Touch HMI
  • ・Safety Door Switches