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Our Engineering Services is more friendly and politically correct in today's business environment.
ZUIKO provides engineering advice on product development and manufacturing productivity in addition to production hardware. This is another value-added service we offer as a group of engineering experts.
Our Mission
Market Oriented Technologies
ZUIKO is not just a provider of excellent machines, but is also market oriented. Our plans start with the market - the final products that our client wants to offer to the market - then we develop and propose technologies required to efficiently make it happen.

Active Involvement Produces Substantial Results
Recent examples include a company-wide project to reduce the material cost of disposable diapers. Experts from the R&D section as well as design and even sales sections formed a special task force and worked hard for one year to reduce the number of diaper parts, which is normally around 20. We showcased the successful result at a trade show and attracted much attention from major manufacturers. The new construction is now adopted in some of their new products and is making its way to the world market.
And we do not just wait to receive requests from customers, but actively create new concepts and offer them to customers. That's ZUIKO - a true engineering consulting company.

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