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Pulp Recycling Machines Pulp Recycling Machines
ZUIKO's unique fiber disentanglement technology turns pulp into novel materials.
ZUIKO's fiber disentanglement technology has culminated in excellent pulp recycling machines to produce fluffy materials from pulp. They can turn wastepaper into building walls, road materials, heat insulators, and cushioning pads, thus contributing to the global environment through recycling materials.
Our Mission
Dry Process: Compact and Easy-to-Operate
ZUIKO has developed dry type fiberizing system pulp crushing machines instead of the widely-used wet machines that dissolve and disperse pulp fiber in water. Our machines are compact as well as easy-to-operate because the materials stay dry.

Fluffy Products
ZUIKO's pulp recycling machines are not true pulp crushers that completely crush materials. Rather, they are fiber disentanglement machines that produce fluffy products with the fibers remaining in intact.
These fluffy products mix better with other materials than completely crushed ones. The mixture can then be molded into building walls or turned into a replacement for asbestos, an environmental hazard. ZUIKO's extensive experience as a diaper and napkin machine manufacturer has nurtured the fiberizing technology.

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