ZUIKO tenderly protects human lives.
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Other Applications
ZUIKO extends its technologies to other areas and products. ZUIKO's core technologies flourish also in several other fields.
ZUIKO's expertise and experience accumulated in making diaper and sanitary napkin machines now support the production of pet sheets, wet wipes, 3D masks, nursing pads, puffs, and a variety of daily-life products.
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Various Application Benefits from ZUIKO's Expertise
ZUIKO has refined its technologies for producing sanitary goods. A variety of daily-life applications benefit from the expertise in fast and precise processing of crushed pulp and other difficult-to-handle soft materials.

Unique Processes - Only From ZUIKO
Nonwoven fabrics, for example, are usually press-cut and press-molded into 3D products, but it's a slow process.
ZUIKO technologies enable you to mass-produce at substantially higher speed. They allow materials to be continuously cut by high-speed roll cutters and then 3D shaped harnessing every facet of fiber characteristics, resulting in high-speed, low-cost, and low-waste production. As a skilled engineering company, ZUIKO will help you succeed in a number of fields.
A snapshot of pet sheet machine development

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